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Tablet envy: New Ultrabook detaches

It almost happens in slow motion. Your hand grazes a glass of water and it starts to tilt. The water flies out of the cup as it ever so slowly tips over onto your laptop. You scream in outrage as you franticly try to mop up the water before it does any damage. This is only one destruction scenario laptops and desktop computers face. The falling-off-the-bed scenario is equally as panic educing. Luckily, with advances in computer technology, there is now a laptop that can literally break apart without breaking.

With Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system, desktop and laptop screens are starting to use touch screen technology. Laptops and ultra-books have proven to be the best touch screens. There are laptops with screens that can turn a complete 360 degrees, and many companies, including Lenovo and Sony, have come up with ultra-books similar to these.

HP, however, has gone well above and beyond with their new ultra-book. The HP Envy x2 has brought about a new design to regular everyday-use laptops. People have been fond of tablets ever since they came out and there are more customers for tablets every day. According to Digital Ad Agency Vertic, tablet sales are estimated to jump from 13.6 million units in 2011 to 96.3 million units in 2016.

The mobility and the freedom that people get from tablets has changed the mind set of many. Tablets are lightweight, user friendly, and able to perform the basic tasks that a user needs daily, not to mention the long battery life; however, there are still limitations to what a tablet can do.

So far, it seems HP is the only company to recognize the limitations of a tablet. HP has done an exponential job into making its new ultra-book, the HP Envy x2. HP has combined the power of a laptop and the mobility of a tablet into one computer and created this new ultra-book. Now this may seem like overkill, especially to those thinking, “Well why not just buy a tablet and then an external keyboard for it?” This is simply an example of not taking into consideration that it is still just a tablet.

The whole point of the new HP Envy x2 was to be able to be able to do everything that is possible to do on a laptop and also be able to use it like a tablet. The biggest limitation of a tablet is not having the full keyboard to use Microsoft Word, unless you purchase the external keyboard to attach; however, many external keyboards, such as in the Microsoft Surface tablet, do not feel the same as a real keyboard. They are “touch” keyboards, so you won’t actually feel your fingers pushing down the keys.

For this reason, the HP Envy x2 is great for an average everyday user and also for students and professionals. You get the real feeling of a laptop, and also a tablet. It is the best of both worlds.

On the contrary, there is one downside to the HP Envy x2.  For a gamer, the new HP Envy x2 may not be a great choice. Games require a computer with a lot of performance behind it and after looking into the specs of this HP Envy x2, it comes nowhere near the amount of performance needed for gaming.

With a processor working at only 1.8 GHz and memory of just 2GB the most gaming you can do on here would be some online gaming site like www.miniclip.com, although it does come with a 64GB SSD (Solid State Drive), which is expensive.

So if you are not a gamer and are looking to buy a new computer go ahead and get yourself new HP Envy x2. If you are a gamer then for the amount of money that this computer costs (starting price approximately $849.99) you are better off getting yourself a desktop and enjoying your games to the fullest.

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